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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy Online?

Currently our online store is not operational. It is a desire to set it up in the future.

Can I buy from the store on Yahl Street?

All of our pictures are items we have had in the store and represent items we sell.  If you see an item you like you may call the store and order it if it is in stock and we would be happy to ship it to you with and added shipping and handling fee.

You are shipping an item out of state but you charge sales tax, why is that?

The sales tax rules have changed to include tax on items shipped out of state.  The lawmakers said people were not reporting the sales tax in their state of items purchased in another state.  This is loosely interpreted—the bottom line is we charge and pay sales tax.

What is your return policy?

In as much as our items are unique and one of a kind we do not have a refund policy however we do offer exchanges of unused items for a different item within two weeks of purchase and with the receipt.

Do you guarantee your products?

If there is a manufacturing defect we will make every effort to take care of the problem.  If you drop something and it breaks that is not a manufacturing defect.

Do you have different sizes of your jewelry?

We are not a mass produced or purchased retailer.  Our jewelry items are unique and one of a kind.  They are not purchased in several sizes. Local artisans according to their creativity at that moment make these eclectic items.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we take Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express.

What are your Hours of Operation?

We are open from 10:00 until 6:00 Monday through Saturday.  You can tell when we are open because our Ms. Dina Saur is outside on the sidewalk.

What are your Months of Operation?

We close during the month of July to create art for the store and to travel and purchase rocks & crystals from across the United States.

Are you a jewelry store or a metaphysical store?

We are a boutique. The store represents a lifetime of living and loving lots of lovely artistic things. Along the way of life we have learned that how we dress ourselves or decorate our homes or create a living environment or which tools we work with influence our happiness, our mood and our health.  We offer the items that help us feel good and help us help others feel good.  The choice is always yours.

When do you do Rock Readings?

As of April 2014 Lucy does Intuitive Rock Readings daily at 9 and 10 a.m.  She has also scheduled readings at 7:00 p.m. in the evenings and on Sundays.

What are Intuitive Rock Readings?

I have noticed you have a bookcase of books. Are you a library?

We have Lucy’s lending library with secondary sales. The books in the store are like new. They can be borrowed for a fee.  You make a cash deposit of the full price of the book.  You receive a receipt indicating the book is due back in three weeks.  If you return the book within three weeks then upon return you receive your money back less a dollar.  Should you not return the book then the money deposited is used to purchase another book for the library.  Often people want to keep the book they are reading and the purchase process is automatic without further transaction.

Do you take new items on consignment?

We have several artists with their creations in the store.  Our store is quite small and there does not appear to be room for new consignors.

Do you buy rocks or crystals from private collections?

Not usually, I know the dealers where my rocks and crystals come from.  I am familiar as much as possible with the mines, and the treatment of the miners. The path that specimens in this store take to get to me is important.  Furthermore your have probably bought retail and would not like to receive less than wholesale value for items.

Why should I buy my rocks and specimens from you and not online?

I believe there is a friendly spirit or elemental connected to the crystals and minerals in this store.  They have already been woken up, cleansed by the light and love and sung to.  These are happy items who will be your friends.  They are of the best visual size and quality I could find.  They are prepared with good and benevolent intention to go home with you and support you in your life and health. They are friends waiting to love you. I am constantly told that the rocks, crystals and minerals from your store are different because they are really alive.  I agree but that experience is for you to discover.

I bought a rock to heal me and I am still sick, why?

We are not a medical facility, we are not trained doctors and no one guarantees health.  We offer you the information of the subtle energy that rocks and crystals are believed to emit. We educate you how to set your own intention towards your personal health. Healing is of the whole body.  We can guide you to the path of health.  Healing is a process.

Do you believe in doctors or the medical practice?

We do not advise you to discontinue the use of your doctors. We are still human beings and are benefited by the surgeries and medicines prescribed by the medical profession. We however do work to heal ourselves through natural ways.