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6th Chakra – Third Eye

Sixth Chakra-Third-Eye-Ajna-Light-Om:

This is the highest of your body’s chakras using both the pituitary and pineal gland (lots more to say about that.) Quite a lot of purples work here which are technically called the Indigo ray. Some white and deep blue stones also come with this Ajna vibration. Using your mind, oh yes the higher mind, higher self, the other self joins the conversation here. We have gone beyond the mind with its personal desires and stepped into wisdom and realms of knowledge where we understand being the servant. This is not a burdened service, it is a part of the ocean of nectar and where creation is brought into the honor of being a human being. Love is unbounded. So you want intuition, psychic development, astral travel, assistance in meditation, and bringing order out of all this chaos. You find your highest spiritual powers with the rising of spirit through the sixth chakra. It is of a pure heart that the opening of the third eye merges with all to allow the negative density to dissolve. Freedom.

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