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4th Chakra – Heart / High Heart

The Fourth Chakra-Heart-Anahata-Air-Yam:

Typically seen as both green and pink/red/white.  Experiencing this color ray is in two places in the heart.  The green is of the heart as it is moving out, healing others, helping others, following the healing that you personally experienced.  The strengths of the malachites, the emeralds, jades and aventurines are profound as healing tools giving assistance to all layers of your sensitive auras.  Then you move into the unakite, the stichtite in serpentine and the ruby in zoisite to have both pink and green in one stone.  The ebb and flow of healing and being healed is now. The Pink/Red/White is deeper inside, I think of it as the High Heart, your God spot, the place where love connects.  It is here that the love of All Creation meets you in your own unique and totally precious you.  It is here that the Universe and all perfection says loudly, “Do you know how much I love you!”  It is here that you can return the exclamation, “I Love you more!” With the pinks/reds we feel special, not proud, not conceited, just really cared for in that knowing that we truly are Loved and Loving. It’s really nice.

Buy 4th chakra crystals to balance your heart, experiencing universal perfect love and enabling you to serve humanity in a loving and light filled way.


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