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The First Chakra-Base-Muldahara-Earth-Lam:

How secure can we be! Grounding and protection prevail with foundational energy. This spinning vortex goes down.  Your primal needs and physical existence are met at your base.  Fight or flight dominate these urges.  Once you get settled you can experience life freely, and allow the pranic or chi, the kundalini, the spirit to bubble up from your core into the whole of who you are. Your birth, your life essence enables you to touch, to feel to have a tactile experience.  To be aware you must have a tactile experience.  That is why if you just imagine something but don’t feel it, relate in a touching way, it is not real to you, It hasn’t become a part of your foundation.  We must feel, no matter how much we have been hurt by feel in the past.  To shut that down takes our breath away. The black stones are stong and ready to fight for you, they are your shield. Red also comes into this chakra when you have the accomplished energy to be passionate and intense in thriving for others as well as yourself.  Mothering comes in to nurture and sustain even more than what is.  There is restructuring DNA help in some black stones when we have to recreate anew due to unhealthy ties or circumstances.

Buy 1st chakra crystals for grounding and protection from psychic attack, EMF’s, Radiation, Limiting or False Belief’s, enabling a strong foundation from which to explore your personal freedoms.


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