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HELLO, Welcome into our home, our website, our heart, our healing, our happiness.

Altered Elements is the coolest metaphysical boutique in Naples.  When you first walk into Altered Elements you see color, color in the Jewelry of gems, estate and fun, color in the art of photography and paintings, color in the sculptures of glass, enamel and pottery, color in the gifts of perfume bottles, boxes, mosaics and more and especially color in the rocks and specimens found in all the colors of the rainbow. Ask to see the fluorescent rocks under the UV light. You feel the peaceful coolness of a love energy that enables you to breathe deeply and relax and enjoy the stroll through this little oasis of refreshment. You might listen to the chimes tinkling, or the angels singing, the rocks whispering or the music playing. You can physically touch most of the many wonders but not all for some are simply to be experienced from a slight distance. (That would be the fragile rock specimens.)

We love life and living and the most precious gift we are of being a human being.  We love the land and nature and light and happiness and truth and sharing with an excited passion health and healing.  We are fascinated watching people pick out jewelry and experiencing why the natural minerals in that jewelry also picked you.  We listen and hear and share the relationship we can have with everything there is, whether it appears inanimate or not there is something to be learned, to be experienced.

Whether or not you come in to breathe or browse or buy or just be–its all for the better.

Come by Our New Location at 5630 Yahl Street #1 in Naples, Florida 34109

Introducing Ms. Dina Saur

When you arrive to the coolest boutique downtown Naples, just outside our door you will be greeted by our mascot, Ms. Dina Saur. She urges you to keep up to date with all things Altered Elements by seeings our official blog. We always are updating with new and exciting material regarding topics including: Metaphysical, Crystals, Rocks, Minerals, Jewelry, Healing Stones, Sacred Geometry, Local and National Artisans and so much more!

Maybe you want a specimen rock, gem, fossil or crystal.…

We appreciate the earth’s rocks, minerals and crystals, the gifts of Gaia and the healing powers she offers.

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Maybe you want some jewelry.....

Each carefully chosen and one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, some might call altered, has spoken to us.

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Maybe you want a gift.....

Energy of all essence is everywhere, may the energy that comes with your gift be LOVE.

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Maybe you want art photography....

The photographs of sunsets capture that moment in time when satisfaction settles and peace prevails.

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Maybe you want an artistic painting.....

The stories are universal though the paintings are uniquely personal.

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Maybe you want an art sculpture.....

Vases, stained glass, pottery and plates as well as fanciful art sculptures.

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Maybe you want Metaphysical tools or talk.....

Gems and crystals combined into jewelry or tools for a specific metaphysical purpose

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Maybe you want an Intuitive Rock Reading.....

How much the universe absolutely appreciates and loves you is spoken within a Rock Reading.

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Maybe you want to take Seraphim Blueprint Classes.....

The highest Seraph, an Atlantean Angel, as well as a guardian of the Galaxies, gives us the Seraphim Blueprint

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Maybe you want a holistic healing wand.....

With a selenite stick its base, tumbled stones join to serve in a synchronistic synergy.

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